Buying e-juice can be a necessity for those who are vaping. When you vape, you need to buy e-juices and you can actually find a lot of new flavors and it’s really quite interesting to say the least. However, for most people, they really don’t know too much about their e-juices and the ingredients that are found within them. You might think e-juices are a mixture of water and extracts but there is a lot more to it than that. So, what is e-juice made out of and will you really enjoy the flavors?

Propylene Glycol

If you have been thinking about what is in e-juice, you might find that propylene glycol is a key ingredient. Now, this is a highly used compound and something which is in great demand in most e-juices. Water is also used with the juices but there is almost 90% of propylene glycol in the e-juices. This goes into creating the mixture and something which more and more people use. It’s a main ingredient and something that more are interesting in learning about too.


Another major ingredient within e-juices has to be nicotine. Now, nicotine is something which is greatly found in most traditional cigarettes and, for the most part, it is also found in the e-juices. Even in the best e-juice flavors nicotine can be present but the amount can vary considerably. For starters, if you create the e-juices at home yourself, you can limit the amount of nicotine used but of course, if buy the amounts can vary considerably. It is a must to enquire how nicotine is within the e-juices. read more here!


E-juices also contain flavoring. Now, the type of flavoring can vary considerably depending on the exact flavors you choose. If you are choosing fruit flavors then you are going to find there is a portion of flavoring extracts. However, the amount of flavoring can vary considerably. E-juice can have a lot of other ingredients too but these are the main ones to say the least. These are very popular and ones that more are choosing on a daily basis.

Vaping with E-Juices

vapesHave you ever thought about what your e-juices are made of? For most people, they really don’t think too much about what’s in e-juices or how it can affect your vaping experience also. However, e-juices are strange because the best e-juice flavors have only a few ingredients but offer strong flavors. It’s amazing to see just how many e-juices there are and how they can enhance your vaping experience. visit us on

Enjoy Vaping with Great E-Juice

E-juices have become increasingly popular over the last few years and it’s not hard to see why. Vaping really is very popular and something that thousands are turning to instead of smoking cigarettes. However, e-juices are truly unknown for most people and it’s important to understand the type of ingredients you are getting with them. E-juices can be a good option for those vaping but you need to know what you are getting with the best e-juice flavors.